Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recovery, by Jan Zwicky

Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata in E major Op. 109, III 
with Lívia Rév

And when at last grief has dried you out, nearly
weightless, like a little bone, one day,
no reason in particular, the world decides to tug:
twinge under the breastbone, the sudden thought
you might stand up, walk to the door and
keep on going... And in the seconds following,
like the silence following the boom under the river ice, it all
seems possible, the egg-smooth clarity of the new-awakened,
rising, to stand, and walk... But already
at the edges of the crack, sorrow
starts to ooze, the brown stain spreading
and you think: there is no end to it.

But in the breaking, something else is given - not
that glittering jumble, shrieking and churning in the blind
..................................................centre of the afternoon,
but something else - a scent,
like a door flung open, a sudden downpour
through which you can still see the sun, derelict
in the neighbour's field, the wren's bright eye in the thicket.
As though on that day in August, or even July,
when you were first thinking of autumn, you remembered also
the last day of spring, which had passed
without your noticing. Something that easy, let go
without a thought, untroubled by oblivion,
a bird, a smile.

in Songs for Relinquishing the Earth, Brick Books, 1998


vv said...

wish I could send you the scent of rain upon the earth as spring reveals tiself

vv said...

forgive spelling!

manuela said...

the hope of it came a little with her poems, Songs for Relinquishing the Earth... the gift of something to hold on to...

i didn't expect company here, but it feels warm to find it. thank you.