Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A poem from my diary, by Avrom Sutzkever

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - String Quartet No.1, Op. 11 in D major, 1871
II. Andante cantabile, with Borodin Quartet

Who will remain, what will remain? A wind will stay,
the blindness of the blind man who has gone away,
a string of foam, the sign of the sea,
a little cloud entangled in a tree.

Who will remain, what will remain?
A primeval seed will sprout again
A fiddle-rose honoring herself will live.
Seven blades of grass will know what's hers to give.

Of all the stars due north of here,
the one that landed in a tear will stay.
There will always be a drop of wine left over in its jug.
Who will stay? God will stay. Isn't that enough?

translated from the Yiddish by Myra Mniewski

thank you VV for this post


Elaine Jarvis said...

Lovely. Thank you.

RNSANE said...

Manuela, this is so beautiful. I appreciate this music and the poetry translation.

Roxana said...

a little cloud entangled in a tree-

such a perfect image, and so humble... yet it says everything...

Manuela said...

go glad to know this poem and music and conversation spoke to you all.

VV said...

i am very happy to see this here!!

Manuela said...

and so am i, poem and music both! i remember first time you sent me this piece of music, a dark winter night, and how moved i was by it... and i thought then and felt since that it was just impossible to find a poem that would do it justice - i'm glad to be proven wrong :).

kanishk said...

this is so beautiful.

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Manuela said...

i am glad you like it!