Monday, December 15, 2008


Ludwig van Beethoven - Seventh Symphony, II

I want to think that if we were near,
Maybe I’d ask you to hold my hand,
Maybe I’d ask for help to feel my Fear,
Or just a soft touch for my weary head.

But there's no room: shoulder to shoulder,
A mighty congregation is already here -
Anger, Apathy, Dread, Loathing, and,
Always moving away from sight, Tears.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


‘Ask and you shall be given’ -
you don’t know what your heart's asking for;
It will be hard,
trust that your heart truly wants It.

‘Here it is, what you have asked me for’ -
in your palm I see my words huddled.
They come back to me still warm from your blood
and our warmths blend for a moment,
yours too fast seeping out.

Because it is hard to surrender the words
from the heart,
we go in a circle;
we can trust it – a different trust -,
we can trust us
to go on forever.

And so I ask you again
with words from my mouth -
they will go and come back
and for two moments their warmth will connect us.

I then ask my heart if she will ever stop wanting
and she says, 'I am Want',
and I wonder of your heart,
does she distract herself with regret

for another's warmth


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Giuseppe Verdi - "Triumphal March", Aida

As I work to sharpen my knife,
kindly stop fidgeting and listen to
how much you'll enjoy being carved up.

You'll also rejoice in the knowledge
of the house your bones will make sturdy
and the bountiful lush garden
we'll be able to grow with your blood.

I know, you cannot picture it now,
but I've helped colleagues who have done it
and I'm pretty sure you can trust me
to get it right from the very first try.

I've observed and carefully noted
how we must start with the tongue -
we wouldn't want those words you don't mean
to hang about the house like mad rats.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony No. 40, I

Up in the tallestest corner of the fartherest tree,
the popinjay finally found what he’d been destined for.
After he put down his bags into a tottering pile,
he conjured a handkerchief to dust the smoothest branch
and sat down cross-legged, prepared to gaze enraptured.
‘Ah, but what could compare, you awesomest and fair!’,
he eventually ventured in faint and trembful whispers.
‘I humbly beg your leave in worshipy words to conceive
to tell of your perfection! The world must pay attention!’
Hope in his beady eyes, he awaited the answer and,
receiving no demur, sprung his travelled bags open.
Out came a dainty table ready with silkest cover,
on which he then assorted, from smallest to the sharpest,
quills, styluses and inks, all polished to a sparkle.
He cocked his head a-side to best view the arrangement,
and in a priding voice spoke again to his wonder,
‘Always for you in my quest I have looked for the worthest.
So long I have pined, and dreamed, and thought what to bring!
And now we finally, now we begin! I vow, I get maudlin!’

Monday, May 26, 2008

Peach taste

Gioachino Rossini - Overture, Il Barbiere di Siviglia

The peach tastes like petals feel,
the peach smells like velvet,
the peach feels like kisses taste,
the peach tastes like peaches.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Empty cage

Today I saw a man
carrying a bird cage with no bird,
and more acutely than the bars
I felt the emptiness inside.