Saturday, October 29, 2011

Words from the Front, by Ron Padgett

Niccolò Paganini - Cantabile, with Leonid Kogan

We don’t look as young
as we used to
except in the dim light
especially in
the soft warmth of candlelight
when we say
in all sincerity
You’re so cute
You’re my cutie.
two old people
behaving like this.
It’s enough
to make you happy.

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Prospero said...

It's enough to make me queasy... though i must admit that it is altogether a happier story than that of the eternal Sibyl, a thousand years on, trapped in a jar, withering, having had failed to ask for eternal youth. But, then again, there is Paganini. There is the eternal.

And how are you, Manuela?

m said...

A happier story, or rather, a happy one that I see. I cannot connect with the quest for eternal youth or a much prolonged life - eternal (young) life seems a most horrifying punishment. Exactly the same as being trapped in a jar...

I am well, Prospero, thank you! Busy life, little quiet time, exploring new places in NYC. And how are you? I am glad for your visit.