Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The victorious soldier

Giuseppe Verdi - "Celeste Aida," from Aida
with Placido Domingo

I wish I could bead bracelets
to adorn the wrists of parents
who never sent their sons to war,
who think wars fall outside of
the realms of last resort,
those who put indomitable
wedges of compassion
into the violent monolith -
I wish my self was bowing
to them instead of throwing up
this permanently closed fist
of bare, bloody victory.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Terra Incognita: Poems, by Heinz Piontek

Claude Debussy - "Reflets dans l'eau" in D-flat major from Images Book 1
with Arturo Michelangeli

still a blank patch
and I, the native.

are printed letters
my footprints.

deleted words
I lurk.

me with your gaze
into the inhabited world.

from Selected Poems
translated from German by Ewald Osers

thank you vv for the music