Friday, August 21, 2009

Talk with Me

This dawn breeze I have given you,
don't corral and nail it above
ocean currents or caribou trail
maps: each with its color pin,
quickly to find
as your mind travels tomorrows.

These raindrops I have given you,
don't splinter and channel
into speakers and sprinklers:
all encouragements to linger
and weigh choices
in the fresh produce aisle.

Is it because I am God
that you think I have no need
of tenderness?

Felix Mendelssohn - Allegro, Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64
with Michael Rabin (1957)

poem title and text in italics from He and I by Gabrielle Bossis


ffflaneur said...

"The melodious rain I have sent you
don't splinter and channel
into speakers and sprinklers"

this is such a sensuous line - stirring so many senses

Elaine Jarvis said...

What a lovely place to begin my moringing mediataion today! I am now inspired to receive this day as it is offered and savor it, not to be too quick to label, catagorize, and thereby file away experience and move on. To see this as offering tenderness to God is lovely. Thank you.

Manuela said...

gentle ffflaneur, hello :)

always glad to have you visit -thank you for the resonance!

Manuela said...

'To see this as offering tenderness to God is lovely.' - yes, isn't it, Elaine? That line has stayed with me morning and night, ever since I first read it.

Manuela said...

crystalline (

Middle English cristallin,

from Old French,

from Latin crystallinus,

from Greek krustallinos,

from krustallos, ice, crystal;

see kreus- in Indo-European roots

how great is that?

Celeste Maia said...

Your blog is like a garden by the sea. I am standing there very quietly in the dark, listening to the crickets and the tree frogs and the distant percursion of the surf.
Really beautiful.

Manuela said...

Celeste Maia - welcome! Not only I get the joy of welcoming a new guest, but also such beautiful feelings as you describe. A garden by the sea... I am really moved. Thank you.