Saturday, December 13, 2008


‘Ask and you shall be given’ -
you don’t know what your heart's asking for;
It will be hard,
trust that your heart truly wants It.

‘Here it is, what you have asked me for’ -
in your palm I see my words huddled.
They come back to me still warm from your blood
and our warmths blend for a moment,
yours too fast seeping out.

Because it is hard to surrender the words
from the heart,
we go in a circle;
we can trust it – a different trust -,
we can trust us
to go on forever.

And so I ask you again
with words from my mouth -
they will go and come back
and for two moments their warmth will connect us.

I then ask my heart if she will ever stop wanting
and she says, 'I am Want',
and I wonder of your heart,
does she distract herself with regret

for another's warmth


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